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A Letter from our Director

Lynne Peirce

Dear Friend,
As the musical director of the Voices in Harmony Chorus, let me thank you for your interest in our unique and wonderful music and our award-winning ensemble. I hope you will take a look at Voices in Harmony. I KNOW you will enjoy every encounter with this chorus. I certainly do!

The chorus is very special among other singing organizations, one that seems to have mastered the delicate balance of “achievement” and “enjoyment”… or, put more simply, of work and play. While we strive for musical excellence through performance, training and creative learning activities, we also seek to strengthen the relationships of our members, unify ourselves as a team, provide service to the community and create a lighthearted atmosphere of friendship and fun EACH AND EVERY WEEK.

Since I became the director of this fine chorus nearly five years ago, we have more than doubled our active membership.  It is hardly any wonder; this warm and welcoming group provides the opportunity for meaningful accomplishment, contribution and personal satisfaction. If it sounds like I am proud of our chorus and believe we have a lot to offer, you are absolutely correct!

I would like to extend a personal invitation to visit one of our rehearsals where you will be welcomed with open arms. I am confident we can provide you with an opportunity for expressing your passion for singing with other women you will come to love.  And you will have more fun doing it than you can imagine.

And do we need YOU?  You bet.  It could be a great partnership.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if I can provide any other information or answer your questions… or twist your arm just a little bit more.

In Harmony,
Lynne Erskine Peirce, Certified Musical Director
The Voices in Harmony Chorus, Sweet Adelines International
Sweet Adeline International
Voices in Harmony Chorus… where everybody knows your name!