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Certified Director: Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones has been a member of Sweet Adelines and Voices in Harmony since 1996. She achieved her director certification in 2005 and sings lead with the chorus. Jennifer also handles publicity and marketing as well as being Management Team Coordinator and a member of the Show Committee. She has sung in school choirs, select ensembles, college groups, and church choirs and is happy to have discovered Voices in Harmony. She works at the University of Michigan Health System in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Assistant Director: Sue Townsend

Sue Townsend Sue Townsend joined Sweet Adelines in 1978 and has served in many capacities over the years including assistant director, choreographer and section leader. Sue sang lead for many years and in 2010 switched to bass. She has been a member of four different Sweet Adelines choruses and earns the award each week for farthest distance traveled to rehearsals. Sue has a minor in music and was musical director and choreographer for the Parma Elementary Drama Club for 9 years. Sue is a retired developmental kindergarten teacher for Parma Schools and lives in Parma with husband Steve.

Assistant Director: Mary SuMary Su

Mary Su has been a member of Sweet Adelines and Voices in Harmony since 2001.  She sings tenor in the chorus and serves as the chorus Historian.  She has sung in a variety of a capella groups, including a mixed 8 part chorus that focused on the Big Band music of the forties and a college madrigal chorus.  She loves the rich, exciting sounds of close harmony!  Mary is a full-time mom, living in Dexter with her husband Bill, and two children, Gregory and Theresa.

Music Section Leaders

Bass Section Leaders: Theresa Briggs & Marge Taylor
Baritone Section Leaders: Brenda Bernhardsson & Andrea Frias
Lead Section Leaders: Jennifer Jones & Becky Sukach
Tenor Section Leader:
Nancy Kingsbury & Mary Su

Chorus Management Team

Team Coordinator: Brenda Bernhardsson
Communications Coordinator: Lisa Garnes
Music Director: Jennifer Jones
Treasurer: Theresa Briggs
Membership Coordinator: Jill Burton
Costume Coordinator: Stephanie Janowski
Music Librarian: Mary Su
Social Activities Coordinator: Barb Williams

Susan Jones
Sue Kren
Kay Stone

Chorus Visual Team

Team Leader: Holly Jarman

Mel Bott
Joelle Emerson
Andrea Frias
Jewel McGowan
Kathy Sanderson
Brittni Woods

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