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Quartets & Ensembles

The members of Voices in Harmony Chorus are involved in four quartets. Quartets are another fun way to enjoy the friendship and fun that is barbershop singing, and we hope to have many more soon! Check below for our current quartets.

Another Round
Anything Goes
Celebration - Make everyday a day to Celebrate!
JAZZCLUB - Be ready to tap your toes.
Harmony 4 Fun - Fun and upbeat!
Novelty Shop - Four part comedy in the barbershop style!
Party Favors
Voices in Pop - Ensemble - Performing favorite Top-40 hits.
Ypsi Chicks

Another Round
Another Round

Lead: Liz Lind
Bass:  Kristen Foster
Baritone:  Joelle Emerson
Tenor:  Mary Su

Yes, our name was born in the bar one night after chorus!  But in spite of that we don't drink our way through rehearsals.  The name seemed perfect for other reasons: our beer aficionados, our army lt. colonel, our girl scout leader, our chorus party planners, and our love for the sweet sound of applause.  Who'd have thought two little words could capture so many of our life experiences?

We've been singing together for several years and having a great time.  That's what it's all about: music, laughter, friendship and fun. 
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Anything Goes

What do you get when you put together a pyrotechnics professional, a nutty professor, a sleuth and an event coordinator?
  1. An explosive quartet.
  2. Four wacky Sweet Adelines investigating ways to have fun.
  3. Barbershoppers committed to life long learning and
    improvement of their craft.
  4. Women who love to entertain.
The answer is all of the above.

Their name is "Anything Goes" and that says it all!

    Tenor: Barb Niemi
    Lead: Kathy Sanderson
    Bass: Marge Taylor
    Baritone: Holly Jarman

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Celebration quartet formed in January of 2010, the culmination of a search for the perfect combination of spirits, hearts and voices to create a "quartet celebration”.

Celebration has enjoyed success in both Regional competition and public performances, especially enjoying their participation in community and charitable events. The quartet is known for their upbeat repertoire… and upbeat personality… which reflects a variety in musical styles and a special passion for gospel and inspirational music.

With a primary purpose and goal of being ambassadors of barbershop harmony and supporting their beloved Voices in Harmony Chorus, they are favorites on chorus shows and enjoy their role and reputation as enthusiastic promoters of quartet singing in both the chorus and in the community.

Celebration members include Amy Mazure singing lead, Joy Hurst singing the baritone, Gail Kruger on tenor and Voices in Harmony director, Lynne Peirce, singing bass.

Please help us welcome these four engaging and entertaining singers, and prepare for a true sound celebration!  

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JAZZCLUB formed in the fall of 2013 to provide an artistic outlet for seven experienced singers passionate about the music of the 1930’s and 1940’s. The ensemble has experienced a smooth and joyful glide into a delightful blend of voices and personalities, their biggest hurdle choosing songs among the many offerings in the style they love. They have succeeded in selecting a mix of incredible charts featuring the very best in barbershop and jazz a cappella arrangers.

Comprised of members from the Voices in Harmony Chorus of Ypsilanti, singers include Gail Ash, Amy Mazure, Becky Sukach singing lead, Ginny Cole, Diane Baldwin, and Lynne Peirce singing bass, Chris Bergsma, Barb Barnosky, and Sue Kren singing baritone, and Mary Su holding her own on the tenor part.

We invite you to enjoy a memorable visit with JAZZCLUB. And be ready to tap your toes.

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Harmony 4 Fun

Harmony 4 Fun

If you'd like to…

Add a little FUN to your festivities, party or meeting

Add a little RAUCOUS to your happening or dinner

Add a little EFFERVESCENCE to your event or potluck

Add a little BARBERSHOP to your gathering

Harmony 4 Fun has been singing in the barbershop style since 1990. We have sung at the Manchester Chicken Broil, Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, Northville’s Renaissance Festival, Plymouth Historical Museum, Ypsilanti Historical Museum, IKEA, Lovett Hall at Greenfield Village, birthday parties, nursing and retirement homes and many community and charitable engagements.

Tenor : Nancy Kingsbury
Is Financial Assistant at the University of Michigan Geology Department.

Lead : Terry Mull
Is a retired teacher from Estabrook School and currently a Para-Educator.

Bass : Jill Burton
Is a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in the Imaging Departmen.

Baritone : Shirley Southgate
Is a retired home economics teacher from Ann Arbor.

Harmony 4 Fun would be happy to sing for your special occasion.

Contact: Shirley Southgate 734-971-2595
Email: SAPSA2@aol.com
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Novelty Shop

Four part comedy in the barbershop style!

Sally Burnes, Tenor
Sue Gleason, Lead
Lynne Peirce, Bass
Cindy Gazetti, Baritone


Novelty Shop has become a dream come true for four former Sweet Adeline Regional quartet champs looking for the true meaning of life… set to music. First there was the zany Sally Burns, tenor of " New Review", who had always wanted to sing with Susan Gleason, the hilarious loose cannon lead singer of " Accolade". Then along came Cindy Gazetti, the classy closet-comedian and lead of " Harmonix" who had ALSO always wanted to sing with Susan and was willing to switch to baritone to do it. Last, there was bass Lynne Peirce, currently quartetless. Lynne had sung with Susan in " Accolade" for nine years so she was invited to jump into the experiment. Well… this decision was a no-brainer, but Lynne agreed to sing with Sue again anyway.

From the first rehearsal in December 2001 the quartet realized they could polish off more new music and bowls of popcorn than any quartet they had ever sung with… and those numbered in the several.

While not designed to be a "contest quartet", Novelty Shop delighted the audience (and the judges!) in their debut performance at the Buckeye Invitational Comedy Quartet Contest in Columbus, Ohio in August 2003. They shared the biggest laugh of the evening, however, when they learned they had forsaken a first time championship for a second place finish due to a slight technicality… a 180 point time penalty. These ladies just LOVE being on the stage!

This foursome has found a match of free spirits who enjoy each other and love creating stand up comedy performed in four-part harmony. We invite you to sit back and laugh with Novelty Shop.

And we dare you to figure out who to watch!
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Quartet formed in April of 2013 and quickly decided that five hundred miles of travel was a walk in the park for four quartet-savvy women who really, REALLY wanted to sing together.

Lead Sara Clevenger joined Sweet Adelines at the age of 14 and soon became the youngest quartet medalist in the history of Region 2 (Michigan/southern Ontario) singing with mom Lynne in Fandangle quartet.  Sara is a respected musical leader in the Voices in Harmony Chorus in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Sara is a graduate of fine arts from the University of Tampa, Florida, and is directing manager at Blue River Financial Group, recently relocated to their Pittsburgh office.

Bass Lynne Peirce directs the award-winning Voices in Harmony Chorus in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  A Sweet Adeline since 1985, she sang bass in the 1991 and 1993 Region 2 championship quartet Accolade and has delighted audiences for the past decade with comedy quartet Novelty Shop.  Lynne recently retired from her position as manager for staff and organizational development from the University of Michigan Health System and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with husband Tom.

Baritone Lisa Beckett earned her first blue ribbon singing lead in Sigh-tations in 1983.  A Sweet Adeline since 1976, Lisa has been a musical leader in several choruses and is a popular coach.  She currently sings with the Greater Harmony Chorus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She was the gold-medal baritone with BLAK Velvet, Region 17 2006, 2008 and 2010 championship quartet.   Lisa works in logistics at Nord-Lock, Superbolt Inc. and lives in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Tenor Dawn Seigneur is the musical director of the River Raisin Chorus in Monroe, Michigan.  She is a charter member of Pride of Toledo Chorus and has performed with them eight times at Sweet Adelines International chorus competitions.   Dawn sang tenor in In Voice, 2008 and 2009 quartet champions.  Dawn works as a physical therapist in Toledo, Ohio.   In her hometown of Delta, Ohio, she is a Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor at Sukha Yoga (sukhayoga.weebly.com).

Surefire reflects a remarkable journey of experiences and miles well-traveled.  We know you will find the unique and exciting blend of voices, hearts and spirits an unforgettable combination!

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Voices in Pop

Voices in Pop - Ensemble

Voices in Pop (VIP) is a select, female a cappella ensemble performing favorite Top-40 hits. The group was created in January 2014 to entertain and educate the community, engage and attract young people to a cappella music, perform at community events, encourage members to learn challenging arrangements of current pop hits, and improve individual vocal skills for its members. All members of VIP are also members of the Voices in Harmony Chorus who are affiliated with Sweet Adelines International and sing 4-part barbershop harmony.

For more information on Voices in Pop, please contact Jennifer Jones at 734-612-7580 or email: jjlynn@med.umich.edu.

Ypsi Chicks

Ypsi Chicks

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